Assocd. Prof. Prayuth Sirivongs<br /> Dean Faculty of Medicine Vajira HospitalEstablished in 1912 A.D., Vajira Hospital has been at the forefront providing high-standard tertiary care for patients with complex medical and surgical problems from all over the county especially from Bangkok metropolitan area. Presently, Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital is a medical school that educates medical students, residents and fellows to be compassionate and skillful physicians excelled for the challenge of practicing medicine in the 21st century, with the emphasis on Urban Medicine. Our teaching faculty is comprised of some of the most dedicated, accomplished and ambitious physicians and well-known scientists in Thailand.

Assoc. Prof. Prayuth Sirivongs, M.D.
Dean, Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital
Navamindradhiraj University


Wachiranusorn Building, now a hospital museum

Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital was founded as a service Hospital, named Wachirapayaban. It is one of the oldest hospitals with a long history of serving the medical needs of the people of the Kingdom of Thailand. The hospital was established according to the wish of King Vajiravudh using his personal wealth in 1912. Instead of building more temples, which was a common custom royal tradition for each king. King Vajiravudh decided on building a hospital to improve the lives of Bangkok citizens, providing efficient primary healthcare.

The original site was nearly eleven acres with three pre-existing buildings. The first director of the hospital was Dr Tilleke. Prince Mahidol, the father of Thai modern medicine, was the appointed director of the hospital  in 1923.

In 1985, we transformed from solely a service hospital to a teaching hospital in collaboration with Srinakharinwirot University.  Eight years later, in 1993, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Medical College and Vajira Hospital was established as the BMA’s own medical school and as an affiliated institution with Mahidol University. In 2010 BMA Medical College and Vajira Hospital merged with the Kuakarun College of Nursing to become Bangkok University. A year later King Bhumibol Adulyadej formally granted the name Navamindradhiraj University, meaning the ninth monarch, which includes the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital, Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing, Urban Community College of Bangkok, and Institute of Metropolitan Development.

About US

Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital (formerly known as BMA Medical College) is a tertiary teaching hospital composed of 800 beds, 17 departments, 16 support divisions, and with approximately 3,000 personnel. For us to be recognised internationally for medical education and health care as well as for excellence and innovation in research, the faculty core activities include: 1) Providing a high quality medical service, 2) Educating medical students, residents, fellows and other health science graduates to meet high international standards and 3) Conducting and supporting health-impacting research activities.

Vajira hospital has been serving a large number of patients, with 700,000 out-patient visits and around 30,000 in-patients annually. It also has various specialized departments and centers of excellence: Arthroplasty center, Cardiovascular Disease Center, Emergency Medical Service Center, Endoscopy Center, Kidney Disease and Transplantation Center, Neurosurgery and Cerebral Aneurysm Center, Oncology Center, and Urban Medical Center. We also serve as a referral center for other primary or secondary care centers, and the other nine hospitals under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Center of Excellence

  • Arthroplasty center: Our Total Joint Replacement Center is comprehensive and integration of diagnostic and operative treatment program for our patients who suffered from arthritis and degenerative of knee and hip joint disease. There is a multidisciplinary approach in our teams consisting of experienced orthopedist specialize in hip and knee replacement surgery, special ward nurse, special operating nurse, outpatient clinic nurse, and rehabilitation staffs working as joint replacement teams. Our teams are committed to providing the highest-quality, advanced joint replacement surgery and also specialized rehabilitation program to return our patients to their maximum quality of life after surgery. We guarantee our quality by receiving the Disease Specific Certificate in Total Knee Arthroplasty from the Health Care Accreditation Institute, which is the Public Organization. Finally, our further missions are improving and providing the best quality healthcare at the standard for our patients.
  • Cardiovascular Disease  Center: The patients with all cardiac functional or anatomical disorders are served in our unit for the diagnosis and treatment. The cardiac ‘STEMI Fast Track’ has been set up for a 24-hour service to treat the patients with impaired cardiac circulation or ischemia.
  • Emergency Medical Service Center : Emergency medical service is conducted in collaboration with the other emergency centers in Bangkok. The emergency room is a non-stop service with 24-hour available experience medical personnel for service in the hospital and outside the hospital at the sites of natural and man-made calamities especially in urban areas. Our mobile ‘Emergency Medical Service: SMART’ which is fully equipped is also available 24/7 for the basic care and advanced life support.
  • Endoscopy Center: Our unit is well equipped for a diagnosis and treatment via endoscopy of respiratory tracts, gastrointestinal tract as well as biliary system. Both out- and in-patient services are available. Capacity development and knowledge sharing are conducted in the national level with other institutions by meeting conference and international level in Asia by the video or audio teleconferences.
  • Kidney Disease and Transplantation Center: The center is run by a multidisciplinary approach: nephrologist, urologist, pathologist, and special nurses. Diagnosis including laboratory and pathologic investigation, treatment as dialysis and kidney transplant are provided. We also part of the ‘Bangkok Kidney Transplant Center’ for giving care of end stage kidney diseases. A 4-month training courses for nurse are regularly held for the nurses inside the hospital and other hospitals.
  • Neurosurgery and Cerebral Aneurysm Center: Our team is comprised of experienced neurosurgeons and their collegeaues. Prompt diagnosis and treatment as well as rehabilitation are our aims for patients’ care. We are accredited as the Neurosurgery Aneurysm Center of the Department of Public Welfare, serving as a referral center for the patients with aneurysms from all over the country of Thailand.
  • Oncology Center: Our service covers from diagnosis to treatment with several modalities: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and their combination. We are the only radiation therapy center among the 12 hospitals in the Bangkok Metropolitan network. Hence, we serve both in-house patients and the patients referred from other hospitals especially among the network hospitals.
  • Urban Medical Center: Our service and scope include collecting information in Urban Medicine and distribute them to public to promote health  of urban communities. The other main engagement of our center is to guide and support medical education emphasizing on urban medicine.  The ultimate goal is to collaborate with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Ministry of Public Health  to improve the general health of Thai people.


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